Why I Chose to Study in New Zealand

By Mech Sopheaksonita, Bachelor of Commerce, Victoria University of Wellington

At first, I didn’t want to come to New Zealand, because I thought it was too far away. Once I arrived, however, I realised that I’d been wrong. Victoria University of Wellington is fun and friendly, with very kind and helpful international student support staff. There are also job opportunities once you complete your degree, and you’re permitted to work while you study. There is a wide range of extreme activities, such as bungee jumping, skiing and white water rafting. I really liked living in New Zealand and I encourage students from Cambodia to pursue their education there.

New Zealand is a safe and liveable country. I was stunned by its amazing views and serenity, although the weather is unpredictable.

In my experience, students are always encouraged to try their best, learn and grow.

The locals are compassionate and genuine, and everyone is kind and approachable. The distinctive Maori culture has a unique personality in this country. In New Zealand, you can enjoy your time sleeping in on a cold day and taking a stroll on a sunny day to relieve your stress! Go on a road trip every once in a while to experience the breathtaking landscapes.

I highly recommend New Zealand as a study abroad destination for all of you.



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