The US as a Study Destination

By Veasna Huy, Harper College Student


In 2018, I graduated from ICS International School after finishing my national exam. I am now an international student majoring in computer science at Harper College, Illinois, USA. Studying abroad is one the best gifts that my parents have ever given me: allowing me to experience life in America.

Choosing what and where to study is a really difficult decision. I ended up choosing the US as a result of the influence of my uncle, who has lived in the US for almost 50 years. Because the US is a developed country, it has a good education system and provides great opportunities for international students. By studying in the US, I can also learn how to live independently, meet new people and experience a new lifestyle.


Surprisingly, America is full of diversity. There are people from all over the globe living here, while the locals have strong personalities. They are always greeting me and smiling at me, and most of the time they ask, “How are you doing?” Most teenagers in the US move out of home and find jobs to finance their education once they turn 18, which is very different from the Cambodian experience.

Harper College exceeds my expectations. On the first day of class, the teacher asked us where we were from, and I felt very welcome. There is a tutoring centre for students that has really helped me with my classwork and assignments, and job opportunities for students, so we can experience what it is like to work professionally. There are also counsellors to help us choose what courses will help us with our degrees.

I really enjoy studying here in the US, and I would highly recommend the US as your study destination. In preparation for coming to the US, you should plan everything you need in advance and be ready to take the IELTS test and the national exam. Collect all essential information about the school you wish to attend. Being shy is not an option, so always ask questions! Participate in events, search for opportunities to study abroad, and listen to useful advice from your family, friends, teachers, alumni and counsellors. Finally, never lose hope and believe in yourself, no matter where you go.

If you are interested in learning more about studying in the US, visit the IDP Education office at any ACE campus to receive free counselling.


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