My Post-High School Life

By Seng Horn Rith, University of Utah Student

Once I graduated from Pannasastra International School (PSIS), I realised that I was about to step into another stage of life. After my graduation, I decided what I wanted to study next. I knew I liked anything related to technology and games. I then started to do research on universities. Since I was a child, I have wanted to live in the US. I decided to come to Utah because I have relatives here. I’m studying at the University of Utah (the U), majoring in computer science.

When I first arrived here, the U’s facilities really surprised me. The whole campus is almost as big as a city. There are about 100 buildings on campus, the most interesting of which is the library. The Marriot Library is really amazing: it was designed to give students what they need. There are millions of books and modern technology such as 3D printing, virtual reality, gaming computers and work stations.

The safety of the campus is really great. There are police all over the campus, which is tobacco and alcohol free. There is always support for you anywhere you go. American transportation is really convenient too, although I worry about gun safety. For that reason, I chose Utah, which is one of the safest cities in the US. The American higher education system is standardised, making it a lot better than the Cambodian education system.

International students often experience culture shock at first. If you are coming to the US, you should spend a little time doing research on America’s culture. Living here won’t be so hard if you try to adapt to the local culture. Most people in the US are really kind and helpful. You can always seek their help if you have any problems.

If you are thinking of coming to the US, don’t hesitate and be ready. Studying in the US is challenging and rewarding. Everything is so different from Cambodia, and I felt like I’d travelled ten years into the future when I first arrived here. The language barrier could be a major problem for people who can’t speak English very well. Even though I’ve been here for a whole summer, the language barrier is still a problem for me, but I think I’ll overcome it very soon.

If you are interested in learning more about studying in the US, visit the Study Abroad office at any ACE campus to receive free counselling.


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