Hear from Students about Study Abroad Global to the UK

Ly Zita

Exploring the UK for the past two weeks has been an extraordinary experience. I've met a lot of people who are kind and helpful, and I’ve even made some amazing new friends. I've learned to be more independent and how to bond as a team, and I’ve improved my interpersonal communication skills, which makes me feel more comfortable interacting with people. This trip has given me meaningful memories that I will never forget.

Ly Pech Akphicheata

I’m so glad that this was the first time I’d ever visited the UK, which is a lovely and peaceful country. I explored many new things that I’d never seen before in my life, including the UK’s modern public transportation system. I also saw a lot of amazing places with beautiful scenery. Most people there were kind and respectful to each other. I experienced very different weather and a new lifestyle, environment and culture, and I learned to be more independent. More importantly, I didn’t expect this trip to include so many fun times!

Ouk Chanvathanak

The UK was a fun place to visit. There were many things to see and do. The museums and parks we visited were very interesting. We took pictures and ate delicious food. People in London were very nice and considerate to each other. We really enjoyed our time here and had a lot of fun. We went shopping and played in parks. Everyone enjoyed themselves and felt sad when the trip came to an end. Once we returned to Cambodia, all the fun places we visited and all the great activities we did just became memories.


Keo Sreynech

When I arrived, people in the UK were really kind, friendly and respectful to each other. The way they live in the UK is different than in Cambodia. I urge you to come and experience new things in the UK to help develop our own country.

Nhim Dalis

I enjoyed my study tour to the UK. It was an amazing time. I made new friends, learned about a new culture, and saw beautiful scenery. I didn’t expect the tour to be so much fun, because I didn’t know anyone else on the tour before we left. When we arrived in London, however, we all got along very well.

Prum Chey Udam

The two weeks I spent in the UK were amazing. I’m delighted that I had the opportunity to experience new things and learn from my surroundings. The environment, weather, scenery, school and citizens there are great. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the buildings in London are quite spectacular. I’ve also made new friends and learned new things. Even if it was just for a short period of time, it’s unforgettable!

Han Amita

This was the first time I’d ever visited London, and it was amazing and engaging. The best part was that I got to ride the London Eye, which was super entertaining. All the people were friendly, and I’m really thankful to my teacher Mark, who showed us around throughout our two weeks in the UK.

Neth Sakada

I wasn’t expecting such excitement from my study tour to the UK. I experienced a new environment, new weather, and a different lifestyle and culture, all within two weeks. The place where we stayed was very lively and contemporary. It was two weeks well spent.

Touch Sochenda

I really loved London. I loved the weather and everything in the city. I met new friends, but I didn’t expect them to be so kind and funny. I especially loved Cambridge. Our tour leaders took care of us every minute. It was an amazing trip.

Ung Vatana

This was my first time in London. I didn't expect it to be so fun. I gained a lot of new experiences. I enjoyed everything, especially London's lifestyle and environment.

Ly Keoung

London was very fun, and the people there were very kind. The weather was good – not too cold and not too warm. I liked living in a new city, and the other people on the trip were really friendly, kind and helpful.



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