Exploring the UK with Study Abroad Global (SAG)

By Zita Ly, SAG Alumni

As soon as I saw the announcement for Study Abroad Global (SAG), I immediately texted my friend and we both began preparing our documents for the trip. I have friends who went on the first trip, and who convinced me to participate in this awesome experience: to see the UK for myself.


Everything was new to me in the UK, from the food to the transportation to the environment and lifestyle, and our tour group was amazed. Our guide was very friendly and gave us specific information about each and every destination we visited.

One weekend, we went to Cambridge, which was a dream come true for me. We also visited different colleges and universities. Surprisingly, when we visited some universities, they were having graduation ceremonies for students, which really inspired me to work hard. It was a wonderful surprise that made me feel passionate about my studies and future goals.

After visiting Cambridge, we moved on to Brighton, where we strolled around the city and went to the Royal Pavilion, a Grade 1 listed former royal residence surrounded by the beautiful Royal Pavilion Gardens. The design of the palace is magical, with its fabulous tearoom and well-stocked gift shops. We then took a 5-minute walk to the beach and relaxed. Sitting on the pebbles by the beach, we could feel the strong wind blowing and the sound of the waves, as well as the smell of the sea as it relaxed our minds and bodies.

Although we have now returned home, I really miss our activities in the UK, especially “British Night”, when we would learn new things about the British culture and try out some snacks we had never had before. We also had regular Game Nights and Movie Nights, when we would play games and watch movies.

I highly recommend the Study Abroad Global (SAG) study tour, which allows participants to explore different places around the world. My advice for students who participate in a tour is to enjoy themselves, learn to work as a team and adapt to the lifestyle and culture. You can learn to be more independent, communicate better in English and experience a foreign country with a unique culture, different traditions and a new lifestyle.

To learn more about Study Abroad Global, go to www.studyabroadglobal.com


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