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Some of ACE’s finest teachers reveal why they do it

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Since high school, Thavrith knew he was destined to be a teacher and enrolled to study a bachelor’s degree at the Institute of Foreign Languages. Fast forward to the present, and after successfully graduating from university and spending time both as a translator and teacher, Thavrith is enjoying using his ESL (English as a Second Language) expertise to help ACE students realize their dreams. Thavrith’s specialities include getting students reading and motivating them to become truly independent learners.

Meet Sara Thavrith @ACE Samdech Pan


Inspired by a strong role model, Sreylik cites one of her university lecturers, as well as an enlightening teaching practicum at university, as key in her decision to pursue a rewarding career in education. The right blend of class planning mixed with the flexibility to react to the ever-changing classroom dynamic, is at the forefront of her classroom management style, built on the foundations of a strong rapport with her learners.

Meet Moeuk Sreylik @ACE Santhor Mok


After graduating from university, Jamie tried his hand at teaching in Spain and quickly found it to be the most enriching experience of his life. Turning enthusiastic learners into confident citizens of the world, able to communicate with individuals from many different backgrounds, gave him a real sense of achievement.

Since Spain, Jamie has spent the past few years developing his teaching skills and range. He firmly believes that a keen sense of humour creates a comfortable and supportive learning environment where students can develop without fear or inhibition. Despite the challenges of Phnom Penh traffic, he finds Cambodia a very welcoming place!

Meet Jamie Frazier @ACE Tuol Kork


Socheata’s decision to become a teacher came from her desire to pass on knowledge to the next generation of young Cambodians, to inspire them to realize their potential and promote the importance of education. Her patience and calmness help her to understand her students better and connect with them in their learning journey.

Meet Someth Socheata @ACE Tuol Tom Poung


Before completing his master’s degree, Iman taught English to different levels and in various contexts, helping him understand the rationale behind the methods, approaches and techniques that professional teachers use. He has been teaching for a decade now and has also worked as a supervisor, and in human resources as the head of training and development.

Iman believes that having an inclusive classroom and creating a comfortable speaking environment are vital to successful student-centred learning. He is also enthusiastic about CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and putting it into practice.

Meet Iman Vahdatidovom @ACE Samdech Pan


With all the challenges presented in developing an effective and universal system of education, in a fast-developing country like Cambodia, Soroth decided his future was in helping find solutions and contributing to the country’s educational advancement. He considers education a life-long learning journey and his humility and open-mindedness as key when sharing his experience and knowledge.

Meet San Soroth @ACE Samdech Pan


Unlike many ACE staff who knew from an early stage that teaching was their vocation, Jason tried a number of careers before settling into the harmonious rhythms of teaching English. He lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Vietnam before choosing to settle in Cambodia, where his wealth of experience and knowledge are expertly employed in the ACE classroom.

Meet Jason Stockslager @ACE Tuol Kork


From an early age, Tola was inspired by his teachers to follow in their footsteps and help educate Cambodia’s next generation of young professionals. He has been involved in the ESL field for a number of years, teaching at several of Phnom Penh’s leading international schools before joining ACE. His teaching involves a variety of styles and methods, implemented with enthusiasm and a passion for effective student-centred learning.

Meet Kok Tola @ACE Tuol Kork


Chris has dedicated most of his life to two great passions: teaching and travelling.  As a teacher, he has worked for nearly two decades (over 10,000 classroom hours!) in Thailand, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Morocco, and as a traveller he has visited over 40 countries, attending education conferences and events. In his spare time, he has also studied Spanish, business and finance, and tourism marketing, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. What does he love most about teaching? The diversity of people he meets and that no two classes are ever the same.

Meet Chris Curran @ACE Samdech Pan


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