A Story of Giving
How one ACE teacher uses English to help their community
Mao Chhorvy, ACE Siem Reap


Community work has provided me with different skills and experience as well as opportunities to share knowledge and utilize what I learned at school. It bridges the gap between what is taught in the classroom and what happens in real life. Volunteer work enables us to learn more about different groups within society and fields of work, allowing us to explore study, employment and networking options both locally and abroad.


When I was a high school student, I was actively involved in volunteerism. Though I didn’t know everything about English, I used what I did know to help interpret and translate materials for people, building connections with others in society and expat volunteers. I didn’t earn any money, but I enjoyed the experience and learned plenty of things from it and had the chance to practice my English with native speakers and improve my linguistic ability along the way.

Upon graduation from high school, I moved to Siem Reap city to pursue a bachelor’s degree in English. My parents could not afford my tuition fees but luckily, thanks to my volunteering and the skills I developed from it, I managed to land a part-time English teaching job to help pay for my courses.


Growing up a poor boy from the countryside, I’ve come to realize that not every child is privileged enough to receive a decent education. So when I was a college junior, I started providing free English lessons below my house to children in my village, 35 km from Siem Reap. Many who attended the class enjoyed learning as much as I did teaching them, and now some of them have finished high school while others have even graduated from college. I’m still running the free English classes for children, six years later!


I would like to encourage teachers and students to get involved with community work. While giving back to the public, we’re also gaining the soft skills and experience we don’t usually get from sitting in the classroom. We all have the knowledge and power to change our society and develop our country, so I hope my story touches your heart and makes you realize the great importance of helping others.


It’s not just ACE teachers who give up their time to help the local community. Many of our outstanding students also share their knowledge and skills to engage with society:

Mao Vorng, GEP 6

“Hello! My name is Vorng but everyone calls me David. I have been studying English at ACE for a year, since GEP 2, and my English has greatly improved since I started. Now I can use it for my volunteer work, to continue using my English to help society more and more, and I encourage other students to get involved.”

Chhim Nakhim, GEP 9

“I’m delighted to help my community and put a smile on children’s faces. Thanks to ACE for helping me improve my English proficiency, allowing me to use the language to contribute to my community. I really encourage all ACE students to use your English skills to benefit others and gain valuable experience.”




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