Meet our 2020 ACE Student Ambassadors: Part 2



Vanny Vannika

“I’m grateful, excited and pumped. This whole program is sure to bring unforgettable memories and new experiences, so best believe I’m ready for it! I can’t wait to work with new people, communicate my ideas, and move forward as a team. Though being shy, I’m down to improving and bringing some sparks to my social life. I’m looking forward to hosting well-organized and successful events with my ASA buddies. With our large community, we’ll also have the chance to help those in need. Through this role as an ASA, based on personal experience and being genuinely concerned for our community, I’d like to speak on social anxiety, superficial judgement, and discrimination.”

FUN FACT:   I may be shy, but I’m actually a meme-er.


Nop Neakrakdey

“It is a privilege to be part of the ASA program and I am honoured to be selected. Becoming an ASA was one of my goals for this year because it is a great opportunity to try something new and get out of my comfort zone. Due to my lack of networking experience, I’m looking forward to getting involved in more social activities to improve my communication, management and leadership skills. Moreover, I hope to make friends along the way. As an ASA, it is my responsibility to represent the school and community, and I promise to never give up being a good representative of ACE, the students and wider community. I want to raise awareness of major social issues including racism, bullying and the current outbreak of COVID-19, so that people have a better understanding.”

FUN FACT:   I love taking pictures of beautiful scenery and strangers.


Noue Panharong

“I was hyped when I found out I was selected to be an ASA! During my mandate, I hope to partake in many interesting events hosted by ACE while working with lots of other talented individuals and giving back to the community. I look forward to meeting inspiring new people from all sorts of backgrounds so that I expand my horizons, share understanding and collaborate with others. I plan to help initiate interesting and educational events for everyone to participate in like Model United Nations. As an ASA, I want to promote encounters involving the active participation of the community, to build people’s confidence and expand networks.”

FUN FACT:   I have a weird sense of humour.


Pech Saoreaksa

“I want to utilize my ASA experience to get more involved in society and gain knowledge of local charity projects. It is a great chance to improve my creativity and face new challenges as I help organize ACE Charity and other events. I’ll be committed and responsible in my work with other ASAs to put these events together, and I will advocate for eco-friendly behaviour and initiatives because climate change is affecting human lives and requires immediate human action.”

FUN FACT:   I love singing while driving.


Phy Davann

“Being selected as an ASA is one of the most life-changing experiences and it will help me develop those skills and capabilities necessary for my future career. I look forward to transforming myself, exchanging new ideas, exploring knowledge and dealing with challenging tasks, as I plan to start a philanthropic society to give back to my community. It will be a non-profit organization seeking to give people a better life, and I want to advocate for better access to confidential and reliable sexual and reproductive health services for young people.”

FUN FACT:   One of my favourite things to do is smell gasoline.


Sav Vattanak

“The moment I received the email stating I was officially selected to be one of the ambassadors, I was full of joy! I look forward to sharing my positive insights, creating wonderful memories with other students and improving my leadership and networking abilities. I’m planning to contribute to ACE as an ASA by helping to host charity events to raise funds for hospitals or organizations, to help those in need. The one social issue I would most like to address is pollution because I want people to start caring about the environment they live in.”

FUN FACT:   I learned 50% of my English from watching anime and reading manga.

Sun Setthika

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to take part in the ASA program. I was nervous meeting the team for the first time, but after a short while I felt relaxed as everyone is friendly and dependable. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, working together and creating memories. I am ready to learn and give it my best shot! As well as the fun parts, I’m also excited to learn new things which I can put into use in the future. Many people around me have issues with self-esteem, constantly comparing themselves to others. As an ASA, I hope to initiate programs to encourage such people and help them discover their value to society.”

FUN FACT:   I embrace my imperfections.


Sina Boraliday

“Becoming an ASA is one of my greatest achievements. I have been excited and delighted since receiving the news, and I can’t wait to start participating in ACE activities. I hope to become more confident through this experience and improve my networking and leadership competences. I’m going to devote my time and effort to organizing ACE initiatives and distributing ACE information to students who are looking for quality English education. As an ACE student, I realize the importance of learning and feel grateful for my own education journey. Therefore, I’d like to tackle the problem of delivering quality education to remote areas in Cambodia and also to advocate for environmental issues.”

FUN FACT:   I love the smell of petrol.

Sin Sowathama

“Becoming an ASA is probably the best thing I’ve achieved so far this year. I get to meet different types of people and make new friends. During my mandate, I want to build my confidence and experiencing new things, especially helping with school events. Through my role as an ASA, I would like to help society solve some our environmental problems since climate change and other natural disasters are getting worse every day.”

FUN FACT:   I don’t quite know who I am.


Teng Sopheaknika

“The reason I want to become an ASA is to get the chance to collaborate with individuals of different backgrounds and discover and improve myself along the way. As an ASA, I'm looking forward to developing my self-confidence as well as skills such as communication, collaboration and problem solving. I hope I can help the community through ACE events, and I would like to spread information about the importance of quality education to the community through those events.”

FUN FACT:   I love to laugh

Teng Vong Vorakboth

“I’m excited and surprised to become an ASA. I believe this is going to be one of the best experiences I will ever have, and it will help me develop my communicative abilities. I’m looking forward to making more friends and working with the ASA team to exchange knowledge and ideas. The ASA program gives me an opportunity to improve myself, so I want to give back to the community through helping to organize and participating in ACE charity events. As an ASA, I particularly want to bring public awareness to environmental issues.”

FUN FACT:   I love singing even though my voice isn’t very good.


Than Virakboth

“Through the ASA program, I want to expand my knowledge and acquire more experience of co-operation and teamwork skills. I’m looking forward to making use of my leadership skills to inspire others, learn more and keep improving during my one-year mandate. I will contribute my time and knowledge as much as I can to accomplish tasks as an ASA; as a student, I see that some of us are unsure about the importance of education, therefore, I will utilize this role to inspire them.”

FUN FACT:   Whenever I write, I need to put a piece of paper under my hand to not mess it up.


Thou Thearo

“Becoming an ASA is a dream come true because I’ve always wanted to be involved more in social engagement. I’m looking forward to participating in, and supporting, ACE in 2020 and especially working closely with other ASAs to coordinate events so they run smoothly and successfully. I am planning to devote my time and be a good role model to motivate the next generation to apply to become ASAs. As an ASA, I would like to distribute information about scholarship programs, charity events and volunteer opportunities because I want to encourage other students to become more actively involved in society.”

FUN FACT:   I enjoy playing football and basketball.


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