Meet Our 2020 ACE Student Ambassadors, Part 1

Next Week: Part 2


Chhorm Sovanroza

“I was astonished and proud to be selected as an ASA because it is a fantastic opportunity and I am looking forward to developing my leadership and communication skills. As an ASA, I will be respectful, hard-working and open to learning and sharing my experiences. I’m excited about working collaboratively with my new colleagues and facing new challenges together. The greatest teams only succeed when their members work together as one.”

FUN FACT:   I enjoy making people laugh.


Chhour Si Minh

“I'm really looking forward to helping individuals and the wider community to meet their needs. Having the chance to talk to different people means a lot to me and I will dedicate my time to organizing ACE/IDP events so that I can give back to the community. Environmental issues are of great interest to me and taking immediate action to prevent the destruction of our planet should be our main priority.”

FUN FACT:   I’m kind and I don’t get angry easily.


Duch Kimlux

“I was delighted and surprised when I was selected to be an ASA. I'm looking forward to developing my leadership qualities, creativity and sense of responsibility. I hope the experience will make me a better individual and to become better organized, learn how to multitask and face new challenges with confidence. I'm looking to improve my communication skills so I hope this experience will help me to achieve that.”

FUN FACT:   I'm a creative thinker, funny and love making people smile.


Em Sovanlalin

“The ACE Student Ambassador program is a great opportunity to build leadership and other soft skills. Meeting new people from other campuses will be a new experience and I hope to be involved in new initiatives and events to entertain the public and increase their awareness of community issues. I’d like to advocate for more women’s participation in social activities; women can perform many things just as well as men (or better!) such as playing sports, working in technology and being leaders.”

FUN FACT:   I only have 179 friends on Facebook.


Huot Sereyboth

“I’m grateful and excited to become an ASA. The program will help me to develop my leadership and English skills through all the different activities. I’m really looking forward to working with my colleagues and other talented young people from all ACE campuses. I wish to promote ACE’s learning environment, represent ACE’s student body and contribute to society through events such as Khmer New Year Charity and the ACE Fun Run. I want to work alongside ACE to bring greater awareness to climate change issues.”

FUN FACT:   The word that most irritates me is ‘single’.


Khun Chhaidy

“Being an ASA is an honour and an opportunity to improve my leadership, communication and networking skills, as well as develop my confidence and idea sharing. I’m hoping to gain knowledge and experience and will try my best to provide students and parents with information about ACE and actively participate in school activities. I would like to promote voluntary work among young people since some perceive it as a waste of time and fail to acknowledge the advantages of volunteerism.”

FUN FACT:   I love trying different foods although I don't like cooking.


Lim Sreymey

“The ASA program lets me be a part of something bigger than myself. I am looking forward to working with many amazing people including ACE staff and students. I will make sure that I can deliver accurate information about ACE/IDP to the public, support and organise ACE charity events. Bullying is a common problem in school, so as an ASA I hope to help prevent bullying by initiating activities to promote self-confidence, encourage kids to make friends and reduce bullying behaviour.”

FUN FACT:   Public speaking is my biggest fear.


Hong Marady

“It is such an honour to be selected as an ASA. It is a great chance to improve my professionalism through involvement in ACE/IDP events, to represent the ACE family and to help build connections among students at all campuses. Cambodia is entering the age of Industry 4.0 meaning technology and EduTech is becoming central to education. However, many students in rural area don’t have access to quality education, so as an ASA I’d love to advocate for equal access to quality education for all students across the country.”

FUN FACT:   I become a cursed Sleeping Beauty as soon as I read a couple pages of a book.


Nay Andane
“When I was selected to be an ASA, I shocked my classmates by screaming out loud! I couldn’t have been happier. During my one-year mandate, I am looking forward to working closely with other ASAs and treasuring this rare opportunity to meet new people. I am planning on become a better person for ACE, society and myself. I will devote my time and efforts to charity work and community service and would like to promote education and literacy for people and children who do not have access.”

FUN FACT:   I have a rare phobia of ketchup.


Ngo Pichmorokort

“I was amazed when I knew I was selected to be an ASA for 2020. I'm looking forward to improving my leadership skills and self-confidence which will help me to become a great leader in the future. Moreover, it's a wonderful opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds. To me, trash is a big problem in Cambodia because rubbish bins are not properly distributed while many people know do not recycle or dispose of their trash properly.”

FUN FACT:   In a world of dog and cat lovers, I love ants.


Nguon Ieng

“I am so honoured to be a part of the ASA program and very excited to meet and make friends with other ASAs. I am looking forward to improving my leadership and communication skills. As an ASA, I will contribute to maintaining ACE’s reputation for quality education and promote the benefits of joining ACE events. I would like to advocate for ways to tackle environmental issues because some of us still have limited knowledge of environmental problems.”

FUN FACT:   I like buying musical instruments but I can’t play any of them.


Kim Noheul

“I am delighted to have been selected for this prestigious role and I can’t wait to start working with my fellow ASAs this year. I hope to enhance my soft skills and, as a very enthusiastic person, this will help me to motivate students to participate in ACE charity events. I’m also very environmentally conscious, so I would encourage the wider community to give back to nature. I would like to stress the need for education - especially to underprivileged students. I strongly believe education can help minimize many social problems.”

FUN FACT:   I have played the piano for nearly 10 years, but I’m still bad at it.


Next Week:   Meet Our ACE Student Ambassadors, Part 2


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