My Most Memorable Moment

High Score Achievers Reflect on Life @ACE

I’mACE Team


Kao Pichmoniroath

My most memorable moments at ACE include getting to do project work in groups and class discussions with my classmates. I love sharing ideas with so many amazing and talented people, and with all the new friends I have made!

Lim Sokeng

Since choosing to study English at ACE, my most memorable moment is still the very first time my teacher asked me to talk in class and how anxious I felt. I spoke with lots of hesitation and pauses and felt really self-conscious. However, with the support of my teacher and classmates, I started to feel more confident expressing my opinions in class and became more and more proud with how I communicated with everyone. Now it’s easy!


Oum Vireakratha

The super fun activities in class are my most memorable moments of life at ACE, especially in Diploma courses like Creative Thinking and Public Speaking.


Lim Soukieng

The most memorable moment I have had so far at ACE was in GEP 10. The teacher always divided students into teams to learn new vocabulary more effectively through playing Kahoot! We tried our best competing with each other to win the game, and it was so much fun.


Vutha Navolin

My most memorable moment was when we were all preparing for the IELTS test back in GEP12, and the peer support and help from the teachers which helped me improve my self-esteem and confidence before sitting the IELTS test.


Nguon Thearlay

My most memorable moment while studying at ACE was attending the CamDEBATE championship which ACE helps to organize and support. I heard lots of people talking about their opinions, what they stand for, what inspires them and what they want to do for their community. My second most memorable moment was when I did a writing assignment with a particular teacher and he helped me a lot with the research and to improve my writing. I also had lots of fun in the process!


Sok Sodalin

I have been at ACE for around six years now and I still remember the first time I stepped into the classroom. The 10-year-old me was very shy and struggled a lot with English. However, through the help and support of my teachers, I got out of my comfort zone and worked hard to improve my language skills.


Soboth Panha

The most memorable moment of my journey at ACE is today because I am a High Score Achiever which I’m really proud of. Seeing all my other friends graduating is also very exciting.


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