Let’s Go on an Adventure!

One of our Client Service Officers reveals what she gets up to in her spare time

KEO Nimol, ACE Siem Reap


“Hello, everybody! My name’s Nimol and I’m an ACE Client Service Officer, a junior at university, and an adventure lover. Even though my daily routine revolves around work and study, my hobby is going on an adventure and indulging myself by exploring nature as a form of relaxation.


Each of my adventures involves a two-day/one-night trip into the wilderness, to unwind amidst the peaceful setting that Cambodia’s unique and fascinating countryside provides. Spending time in natural surroundings and discovering the beautiful hidden gems of my homeland, are what I love about every adventure I take. 

My most recent experience was a trip to Tbeng Meanchey mountain, located in Preah Vihear province, a five-hour motorbike trip from Siem Reap city. Upon arrival, my team and I had to climb 1345 steps and spent nearly 4 hours to reach the spot where we were going to camp for the night. Despite the physical challenges, we didn’t give up and eventually reached our destination where we set up our tents inside the pagoda, Wat Tmor Bey Dom, found on top of the mountain.


The next morning, we woke early at five o’clock to catch the first glimpse of the sun as it rose majestically over the countryside below the mountain. The view of the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds was breathtaking and made the difficulties we had faced the previous day, and the effort we had made, all worthwhile.


I love going on adventures like this one because they improve my self-confidence and strength, pushing my limits both physically and psychologically, and helping me confront and embrace life’s challenges with open arms. At the same time, I gain a unique insight into the incredible beauty that surrounds us, the beauty of my country, Cambodia, and the beauty that is to be found in nature everywhere. I would encourage everyone, young and old, to embark on an adventure and start collecting memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life!”


If you want to catch Nimol when she’s not on an adventure, visit the Client Services Office at ACE Siem Reap campus today, open from 7.30 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday, and weekends until 3 pm.  



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