The Grammar Club’s First Anniversary at ACE Tuol Kork Campus

By Lynin Thy, ACE Teacher

As a teacher at the Australian Centre for Education (ACE), an English school that has been operating in Cambodia since 1992, we work to supplement students’ learning outside the classroom through various programs. Since ACE’s Tuol Kork campus first opened in early 2018, the campus has been hosting student engagement programs to support students’ language development. The Grammar Club is one of those initiatives.

Grammar Club Students participating in an activity

Although grammar is often the most challenging aspect of learning English, it serves as the bridge that connects the four macro skills – reading, listening, writing and speaking. In order to reduce the challenge of mastering grammar and respond to the needs of students, ACE Tuol Kork Campus established the Grammar Club in early 2018.

Students in the club working together

The Grammar Club recently targeted General English Program Level 6 (GEP 6) students, because GEP 6 focuses heavily on grammar points. This initiative has had great success since its inception, with more than 100 GEP 6 students passing the level with high scores in their end-of-term grammar tests. As a result of the Grammar Club’s popularity, the school aims to establish a Study Club for the other three major skills – speaking, reading and listening. This will help to make the Grammar Club a larger learning platform in the future.

Students speaking at Grammar Club

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