Diploma Program: Business Writing

By Sean Stack, ACE Teacher

I teach all the business courses in the Diploma Program. Business Writing has seen some fantastic student successes, especially in relation to its assessment projects.

The first assessment in Business Writing focuses on producing an advertisement for a local company here in Cambodia. There are several key criteria with which students have to work, including snappy titling, relevant promotion and an attractive and appealing design. Students gain fundamentally relevant skills and a clear insight into business marketing through this assessment.

The final assessment in Business Writing … yes, you’ve guessed it ... consists of some writing and quite a lot of it! For most students, this is the largest piece of writing they have ever produced. Students have the opportunity to work individually or as part of a group to create a professional Business Evaluation Report. There’s a choice of topics, and again, several key criteria and a deadline for students to be motivated to work towards. Throughout this project, students expand upon the skills they have learned, for example, report structuring, data analysis, Harvard referencing, online research and business terminology. Students are very proud when they’ve completed this assessment: it’s challenging, and is highly inspiring for all of them.

All in all, this is a great course for all aspiring business professionals. If you’re looking for the next stage of your development in ACE’s Diploma Program, then come along to Business Writing.


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