International Experiences with CamTESOL: Why and How to Present at CamTESOL and Abroad

By Thanin Yous and Thanith Vat

CamTESOL is one of the largest regional and international conferences for teachers, educators and researchers in the field of English language teaching and education. It is a platform for professionals to meet and share their expertise and experiences in teaching with other local and international participants. CamTESOL develops teachers professionally, and builds a network among teachers and school administrators. In addition, the conference promotes the Cambodian culture to the world. CamTESOL, an initiative of IDP Education (Cambodia), enables local and international teachers to share their best practices, and gives Cambodian provincial teachers an opportunity to learn new teaching practices. CamTESOL also promotes ELT research in Cambodia, highlighting the growing significance of the field of educational development in Cambodia.

Presenting at CamTESOL and other international conferences is enriching for a number of reasons. First, presenters are able to develop professionally and build networks. Second, presenters are able to showcase their teaching methods and connect with other professionals in the ELT field. Most importantly, presenters can grow in confidence and receive valuable feedback from other ELT professionals. Presenting internationally also offers an opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. These experiences can lead directly to further professional opportunities.

To be selected and well-prepared for CamTESOL and other international conferences such as KoTESOL, JALT and Thailand TESOL, candidates need to consider certain factors. The first is to check the themes and deadlines of the conferences. Meeting the deadline for proposal submission – an abstract and a short biography – is essential. To be accepted for presentation, your proposal must include a good abstract that considers existing research and teaching methods, and new practices relevant to the conference theme. Second, good presenters manage their time effectively and speak with confidence. The audience might ask questions about the presenter’s methods or ask for additional information. Finally, presenting internationally means representing your company or school on the international stage, giving you an opportunity to gain insights and enhance your professional skills.

Attending CamTESOL and other international conferences helps keep your professional development up-to-date, which has a strong impact on the quality of your teaching and students’ learning experience. If you are enthusiastic about teaching and development, presenting locally and internationally will offer you valuable professional and cultural experiences.

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