Gender Studies Students Visit the Women’s Resource Center (WRC)

 By I'mACE Team

On 6 June 2018, a group of ACE students enrolled in the Diploma Program Gender Studies course took a field trip to the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) in Siem Reap to learn more about problems in society and how the center is combatting them. Below are student testimonials reflecting on what they learned, how it has impacted their understanding of the world and how it enriched their ACE experience.


Students were listening to the guide at Women's Resource Centre.

Student Testimonials

“During this trip, I expanded my knowledge about society outside the classroom. WRC’s vision and mission are to revolutionize the concept of Cambodian women. WRC members are learning about health care and financial management with counsellors that provide emotional support and other important services. Personally, I will share the programs from this center to my friends and my community to help them solve their problems effectively. As I am a woman, I want to see all Cambodian women being respected, equal to men in their rights and have opportunities to speak up and participate in the society.”

Socheata Hour

“The WRC explained to us what violence is, for example, they have a video which is about a man that is easily bad-tempered and was violent towards his family.  However, after he came to the WRC with his wife to get advice, he changed his behaviour. The video also showed us that violence is not the best way to solve problems. Moreover, the WRC provides lessons for some families who are not rich and they are taught how to save money.

- Ly Phenh Kao

“The WRC demonstrated solutions to avoid domestic violence. The center provides guidance to the women who have arguments in their family. The center seeks to turn people who use violence into people who are gentle. I learned a lot from the NGO; it provides lots of good advice for women.”

- So Dalin Hoy

“I was surprised by some facts, for instance, there are a large number of child marriages and girls dropping out of school which should be a concern for the government. Many Cambodian females don’t receive higher education due to poverty and early marriage. Domestic violence is another issue that women face because of the lack of education from both genders. WRC plays a part in solving these problems by offering free counselling. WRC also have efforts to reduce poverty by educating people to control their living expense and avoid alcohol and gambling. I was really inspired by this trip and now I have the ambition to help Cambodians change the stereotype of women.”

- Muy Lin Saing

“The manager there taught us a lot about violence in Cambodia. I learned that many men in Cambodia force their wives to stay home and take care of the children. They think women can’t do as much work as men. Moreover, many women around the world are able to support their whole families without men. It is a place that is really helpful to poor families.”

Naza Ny

“The visit helped me learn more about females and males and how they should respect each other. We attended a workshop which taught us about gender problems such as violence and abuse. The woman there showed us an informative video. At the end of the workshop, the question came to my mind, ‘Do people have to pay for the services at the WRC?’ The answer is no! The services are free.”

Rathvirak Kong

“From the field trip, I learned a lot about gender equality. The woman who worked there explained a lot about how they teach people to manage money in a family and how to save some money. Then she talked about forms of violence such as emotional, physical and sexual.”

Bunseng Yeng

“I learned that women have the rights to do many things. Women should have the opportunity to own a business, be a leader and seek help for their problems. Women should not hide their pain. At the WRC women have a chance to seek help. Women deserve freedom, happiness and peace.”

Sophanit Pen

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