BACII: Preparing for Biology like a Winner

By Chhangngy Chann, ACE Student

About the Author

Chhangngy Chann is an ACE Inspiring Excellence Scholarships for High School Graduates recipient and is currently a freshman at National University of Management, majoring in International Business. Last year, he graduated from Grade 12, receiving an A. In this article, he will give you some useful tips on how he prepared for the national exam, focusing on biology.

BACII’s Biology Exam in a Nutshell

Biology is a fun and challenging subject. In my experience, it requires a lot of preparation time, as it’s a combination of lessons and activities. To achieve a high score, students have to be good at learning biology lessons and solving problems.

Preparing for the Questions

The exam is divided into two parts: questions and exercises. One important tip is to try to understand lesson first, before you start learning it. Draw a diagram to show the process of how things work: this can help you understand and remember lessons more quickly.

Preparing for the Exercises

I suggest that you read each problem slowly and write out what is given. Then look for the questions. Some questions are really tricky, so read them carefully and make sure you understand what problem you have to solve. The next step is to figure out how to solve the problem and write the process in the correct format. Don’t shorten your answer even if you feel really confident: this may reduce your score. In addition, you must memorise all the formulae. If you have time, try to solve different types of exercises: this will give you more ideas when you encounter new problems.

State of Mind

My final tip is to try to stay relaxed during the exam. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Achieving a great score in biology is not that difficult. To achieve an overall Grade A, however, mastering biology alone is not enough: you have to be good at every subject. I wish you good luck in your national exam, and hope you will achieve the Grade A for which you aim!

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