BACII: From a Country Kid to a Grade A Student of English

By Socheata Huot, ACE Student

About the Author

Socheata Huot is an ACE Inspiring Excellence Scholarships awardee and is currently majoring in architecture at Paragon University. Last year, she graduated from Grade 12, receiving an overall Grade A. She was an excellent student of English. In this article, she will give you some useful tips on how to easily obtain an A in English in the upcoming BACII examination.


English Beyond the City

I live in a rural area where English is a priority for a lot of students who, unfortunately, don’t have good English teachers. I understand the value of learning English and the long-term benefits of learning English in Cambodia. I received a Grade A in English in the national exam, which wasn’t as a result of good luck.

Creating a Clear Plan and Schedule

The first thing to do is learn independently. For me, self-learning is a priority. Take some time out of your schedule to study English. Learning English is fun compared to learning science subjects!

Take Action and Practice

Focus on reading, writing, grammar and listening. These are the essential skills that appear on the exam paper every year. In addition, challenge yourself with more reading time and practicing your pronunciation. I learn English from different sources whenever I can. Learning English through entertainment is very helpful, so listen to songs and the news, and watch movies and TV series in English.

Be Prepared for Anything

Even if you enjoy learning English and it has become easy for you, don’t underestimate this subject. Review old exam papers for activities that have appeared in previous exams.

Remember that you are the one who has the power to determine your own future. Don’t be hesitant to work hard and smart for your goals.

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