Graduation Ceremony: New Zealand Scholarships Awardees Complete English Language Training

By Panhchaneath Sokheng, New Zealand Scholarships 2018

On behalf of the New Zealand Scholarships awardees, congratulations to the 14 awardees on completing the three-month New Zealand in-country English Language Training course at the Australian Centre for Education (ACE).

On 7 December, a Graduation Ceremony was held with the ACE Principal, the coordinators, the teacher and the awardees. We gathered together to celebrate our successful completion of the course. The certificates presented by the ACE Principal, Ashley Irving, are recognised by MFAT, Accent Learning and ACE.

The ACE Principal congratulated all the scholars and offered useful advice. He advised us to never stay at home. He told us that when we are in New Zealand, we should explore places other than the school and the library. We should also take the chance to make friends with people from different nationalities and to learn about their ways of living, which will enrich our knowledge about the world.


Mr Ashley Irving, ACE Principal, shares his advice

“I love the way the course is structured. There are many important subjects that helped us to sharpen our skills. In addition, the teacher is knowledgeable and approachable. The graduation ceremony and certificate brought a sense of accomplishment. We suffered, we succeeded and we celebrated”, said Sokuntharoat Chum, NZS 2018.

As X Leang Hou, another NZS 2018 awardee said, “It would take an infinite list to describe what I will take away from the course, but let me simply put it in several words: life-long friends, an amazing and caring teacher, helpful and understanding coordinators and unforgettable memories”.

Attending the ceremony and receiving the certificate, all the awardees, including me, felt happy and emotional. The course has not only taught me a lot of new knowledge, but it has also provided me with the opportunity to bond with other awardees to create strong and beautiful friendships. The teacher and the coordinators were incredibly supportive, and they tried their best to help prepare us for our postgraduate studies.


NZS Awardees listening to the speakers

“I acknowledged that there was a gap between my current career path and my future post-graduate path. The course helped to bridge that gap and smooth out this transitional period, which makes me feel so well-prepared and ready for both the challenges and excitement ahead”, said Sokhuntea Tang, NZS 2018.

The ceremony ended with a group photo session and one last friendly chat. Although it was heartbreaking to see the course end, I am grateful to be able to experience learning with all these amazing people, and I will forever treasure this memory.


NZS Awardees 2018 with their certificates

About New Zealand Scholarships

New Zealand Scholarships are funded through the New Zealand Aid Program and administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT). The New Zealand in-country English Language Training Course is intended to help prepare awardees for post-graduate study at a New Zealand institution.

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