IDP Study Abroad Diaries

Welcome to the new series of Student Diaries where students who have been successfully placed in schools and universities overseas by IDP share their experiences. If you are thinking about studying overseas, visit our Study Abroad Resource Centres at any ACE campus for free counselling services.

Flinders University

Lisa Loeung

Bachelor of Business International Relations, Flinders University

“If you thinking about studying abroad just do it; you will never go wrong choosing this type of education. I became self-confident in studying. I learned a lot through practical experiments and, most importantly, my general knowledge is progressing. My English is developing, obviously. I became independent through the experience I faced and I’m able to learn new things every day. Studying abroad you need to be organised. In my first year, first semester, was a nightmare because I wasn’t organised, and I assumed the first year topics would be easy, which made me apply less effort.

However, I was wrong. I faced a lot of trouble and distractions for the whole semester. So, I started to organise my study schedule in my next semester and I was successful. I enjoy studying and I’m happy with the result. There are many significant things that you need to know, but for me, organisation is the key to success for studying as an international student. As long as you organised, you will be fine. You can even have free time on weekend if you do it right. IDP definitely helped me a lot with the documents for the visa and university application. Basically, I just handed the documents to IDP and they did the rest.”

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