Info Session: Trinity College at the University of Melbourne

By Vantak Chheang, IDP Student Placement Manager

On 29 and 30 of January 2018 IDP Education hosted info sessions at ACE Samdech Pan and Siem Reap campuses for Trinity College at The University of Melbourne.

IDP Education (Cambodia) provides student placement services to five countries: Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Most importantly, the IDP Student Placement office offers a free service which includes counselling on study options, range of course fees, and visa application processes.

To support students in this process IDP hosts regular info sessions where university representatives speak about their university, discuss what is has to offer, how to apply, and answer any questions from the audience. These sessions provide a platform for interested students to make the best decision on their study abroad application.

Trinity College's representative engaging with the session's attendees

About Trinity College

Founded on the traditions of the world’s great collegiate universities, Trinity College in the University of Melbourne has been transforming students’ lives since 1872. In all its diverse programs, Trinity promotes academic excellence but also encourages students to extend their education far beyond the classroom. As a result, the richness of student life sets the benchmark for collegiate education in Australia. Opportunities abound for students to explore new interests and pursue their extracurricular passions – be they musical, sporting, cultural, spiritual, entrepreneurial, or in the areas of leadership and social responsibility. The breadth and depth of these opportunities, supported by extensive student welfare and pastoral care structures, and the diversity of students' backgrounds, nurtures the development of well-rounded individuals, able and willing to lead and serve, locally, nationally or internationally.

Trinity’s distinguished alumni network of over 15,000 individuals – including 37 Rhodes Scholars – have made their mark in academia, business, the professions, the church, governments and communities in some 60 countries around the world. Founded in 1872 as the University of Melbourne’s first College, Trinity has always sought to provide an environment that offers personal and pastoral support, experiences of diversity, and challenge students to achieve at the highest levels in all fields of endeavour. As well as offering tutorials, mentoring, and opportunities for cultural expression, religious exploration and sporting achievement to resident and non-resident students of the University, Trinity also includes two other major educational programs.

The Theological School, founded in 1877, provides a ‘large and liberal’ experience of ministerial and theological education in the Anglican tradition. Since 1989, Trinity College Foundation Studies has been a successful pathway to University studies for high-achieving international students. Trinity College seeks to provide an environment where education in ‘breadth and depth’ can be pursued not only in the classroom but while engaging in the varied activities that are part of community life. In all these, Trinity maintains a strong commitment to being a community that joins members of many different backgrounds, pursuing individual excellence but also a responsibility to one another, and to the wider community – local, national and global.

On entering the College’s historic main campus for the first time, many people are struck by its sense of tranquillity. It stands as an oasis somewhat set apart from the hustle and bustle of the ‘real’ world, despite being situated just one-and-a-half kilometres from the city centre. Old stone buildings with ivy-clad cloisters encircle a large open expanse of lawn (known as the 'Bulpadock') fringed by large trees, including the College Oak planted in 1880. But beneath its deceptively peaceful, stately exterior, Trinity College is a dynamic, vibrant institution, energetically pursuing a world-class education. Trinity students find themselves immersed in an academic community where all facets of their environment – physical, intellectual, social, cultural, sporting, and spiritual – serve to inspire them to aim not just for academic achievement but for excellence in all they do.

From the University Representative and a future student

During the info session, we had a chance to speak with the Senior Marketing and Admission Manager at Trinity College, Mr Ben Waymire. He says,

The representative and attendees excitedly posing for the camera

“Trinity College is located on the campus of the University of Melbourne and we provide foundation study program for high school students who want to prepare for the entry to the University of Melbourne. Melbourne is again the number one most livable city in the world. At Trinity, our foundation studies curriculum is specifically designed to give students a foundation for success at the best Australian and overseas universities. Our graduates gain confidence and ability to achieve success in their future studies.

Students should choose Trinity College because the University of Melbourne is ranked as the number one university in Australia and students need to think about what is going to make them different from all the other graduates who they are competing for jobs. Employers know that graduates from the University of Melbourne stand out from the rest and this will help them when they look to start their career.”

LIV Seakmoy, who already applied to Trinity College Foundation intake two for 2018 also attended the info session. She said,

Attending the info session really boosted my confidence to study in Melbourne. I can learn so much about Melbourne, and the detailed courses and subjects at Trinity, and later at the University of Melbourne. The college representative and IDP staff really are very easy going and helpful. I recommend other students to come to join future info sessions.”

The International student experience at Trinity College is

For more information or to discuss your future study abroad plan, come to speak with IDP study abroad counsellors at any of the ACE campuses.

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