‘I Share You Learn’ Workshop

By ACE Siem Reap Teacher Raninn Sinketh

I have always admired some of my students who work hard, speak very good English and always share a lot of great ideas in class. I always told myself they would become leaders in the future. Later I met my colleague, Sopoan Keo, who transferred from ACE Toul Tom Poung (TTP). Sopoan has brought an interesting idea with her that she worked on with TTP YL Lead Teacher Sofilta Seth. I thought to myself that I didn’t want to wait to see if my young learners would become leaders in the future; I wanted to make them leaders today.

I decided that I wanted to run a programme called ‘I Share You Learn’, which is slightly different from the TTP one. But, I still wanted Sopoan to be involved in it with Kanha Tep assisting her. Kanha is also a Siem Reap teacher.

The journey was started by asking teachers to select a few students who are strong in different skills or have different potentials, and it only involved YL8-YL15. About 40 students attended the first meeting. At the meeting, the programme was introduced to them. The students were then asked who was available and interested in joining. Finally, 20 students were selected. Before having the first class, which would be the first of five classes, a consent form was sent to parents to ask for their permission to allow the students to join our class. All forms were returned with full agreement.

Before the ISYL classes were started, there were some challenges. First, there were some problems with attendance and homework. Second, students were divided into four different groups. However, when a member of one group was absent, it slowed lesson progress. Students had some difficulties catching up with the lessons, but Kanha and Sopoan worked hard to help them get there. Also, after one or two sessions, a few students stopped coming. This was a little disappointing, but teachers never lost hope for those who regularly attended. In the class, students and teachers shared, learned and had fun. It was such a great moment to see them enjoy what they were doing.

“This really broadened our smile,” said Sopoan and Kanha.

Before Open Day, they did a couple more rehearsals until teachers thought they were ready. On the actual day, teachers divided the groups: two groups did the workshop on the first day and the other two on the second day. The students were amazing. It was fantastic to see them control or lead their own workshop so well. “I’m so nervous, teacher!” said one student before the presentation. Obviously, the anxiety could be seen on their faces, but they nailed it.

Words could not be found to describe how it felt seeing students presenting and running the workshop.

Teachers were proud of students’ efforts and want to continue this programme. The aim is to make other ACE young learners see the potential and what can be achieved.

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