The meaning behind Tuol Kork Campus!

By Thanin Yous, Tuol Kork Acting Campus Manager


With the trusted quality and the reputation of ACE we had more than 1600 students enrolled in the first term of 2018 academic year. Despite being a newly establishment, ACE TK campus is fully equipped with all learning facilities similar to the other campuses. ACE students now have more chance to engage in school activities and with their peers through Students' Engagement Program which aims to enhance their learning in addition to their studies in the class.

Sophea Tiev,


Client Service Assistant Manager, Tuol Kork Campus

For my point of view, the expansion of TK campus as the fifth ACE campus in Cambodia brings many positive impacts. Basically, we can provide a wider range of products and services to fit our customers’ needs.  Also, this expansion can continue to promote IDP Education as a trustworthy organization.

At this new campus, the students will experience a new environment plus have access to more facilities, highly qualified teachers, and other outside-classroom activities while the employees can have an opportunity to grow as well as to challenge ourselves in a new working environment.

My team and I strongly hope that we can provide our clients with the best educational choice, satisfaction and convenience by trying to ensure that we offer them a thorough consultation and solution for what they really need. In addition, we hope that we could create a positive working environment and an efficient workflow.

Monita Seng,


IELTS and Examination Officer, Tuol Kork Campus

On my first day of working at ACE, I felt that my job was so enjoyable and it has prepared me more steps towards my career goal. I was warmly welcomed by my co-worker who was really friendly, helpful, and cooperative. Not only was I learning new things related to my work but I was also learning how to build a better communication with a diverse group of people.

 I have been working at ACE Tuol Kork for a few weeks now. ACE Tuol Kork Branch is located in the centre in Phnom Penh in a comfortable building and lovely environment. ACE Tuol Kork campus just began operating in early January, but it has had more than a thousand students enrolled for this term.

On behalf of IELTS team, we are really delighted to thank all clients for trusting IDP/ACE education system. We will try our best to provide the effective and reliable services to satisfy all clients. We continue to expand to meet the needs of the market and with the expansion; we can provide our candidates increased flexibility to reach us wherever they are in the city.

Joelia Chheng,


Senior Study Abroad Counsellor, Tuol Kork Campus

Having been working for ACE/IDP in a role of a Senior Counsellor based at Samdech Pan Campus; this is another exciting opportunity for me to work in the brand new TK campus. This expansion means we will reach the satisfaction of our customers’ needs as we believe that once you are here; you will not worry about parking place, and you will enjoy the brand new building with the wide and comfortable area.

Leechuninn Phang,


Study Abroad Counsellor, Tuol Kork Campus

Upon expansion, a study aboard counsellor such as myself could not help but feel excited as new opportunities and new connections and network become available to us. Of course, a business is not without its challenges. As a brand new Campus, three priorities are to be taken which are appearance, branding and quality.

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