The Magazine

Since the first publication in 2013, I’m ACE Magazine has successfully delivered content from a range of perspectives, sharing news about education from around the community. The magazine is available through the website, the ACE App and through a printed magazine which is distributed to ministries, embassies, businesses, school campuses and other spaces free of charge.

It is used to share information about learning English, studying abroad and scholarships, IELTS, featured profiles, special coverage and career pathways. The main contributors are students, parents, professionals in education, ministry and embassy officials, business people and others. All involved are encouraged to keep up to date through our digital or print platforms and even consider submitting an article.

Why Read

To keep up to date with current trends in learning English, study abroad insights and stories, IELTS, profiles of relevant people such as alumni or ministry and embassy officials as well as other related news and announcements. The publication provides readers with the full circle experience of how education can impact an individual’s life and create a positive path for the future.

Why Write

Writing for the magazine is a worthy contribution in several ways: you can help provide your valuable perspective on a topic, build your writing portfolio, share your knowledge and experience with a large audience and you have the opportunity to inspire others.

Article Submission

The content of the magazine relies on writers are passionate to share their expertise or story. We are always seeking engaging, relevant and meaningful topics. To meet the qualification, the article and the author’s information provided should be authentic and original. The writer’s article submission will be reviewed and edited as needed by the I’mACE team. Please note that all the viewpoints indicated belong to the authors or the contributors of the article and do not represent the views or perspectives of I’mACE.


If you have an article idea but want to talk about it first contact the I’mACE Magazine Editor at