My Study Abroad Journey

“IDP Education’s services are easily accessible and convenient for students who plan to study abroad”

Kimleng Ban

Studying abroad has taught me to live independently, improved my confidence when expressing opinions and helped me become my true self. I have learned to appreciate people and things, and to reward myself for every goal I achieve.

There are several reasons why I loved studying abroad. The best thing was having the opportunity to explore; I got to travel to lots of new places with my friends, discover different cities, try unusual foods, experience fun activities and see beautiful landscapes. I also learnt so much more about other people from many different countries and attended lots of cultural events.


The challenges of studying abroad vary from one person to the next. One of the most common challenges is homesickness; even when you think you are ready for an exciting journey to a new country, you will, after a while, find yourself missing home, family and friends. But this shouldn’t worry you too much because it is a perfectly normal reaction when adjusting to a new life, and with modern technology and social media, an easy problem to solve.  Another challenge can be the food, especially those cravings for your favourite dishes from home.  At first, you will probably be excited to try the new foods in your host country but later you might start to miss some of the unique flavours of home cooking. A final challenge is adjusting to academic life; studying at an international college in Australia required me to deal with multiple tasks every week which can build up if you don’t organise your time well.

Without the help of IDP Education, my study abroad journey wouldn’t have been so amazing. Finding the right study program and preparing the visa application can be intimidating for Cambodian students if you’ve never done it before, and I would definitely recommend meeting face-to-face with an IDP counsellor to find out about all the different institutions and their tuition fees, study requirements, course options and visa information.

Good luck on your study journey!


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