Living in New Zealand
More than just a popular study destination
Ly Sokna, Master of Water Resource Management, Lincoln University


New Zealand is well-known for its excellent study opportunities and world-class education facilties, scattered around its picturesque cities and towns. Sokna, a Lincoln University graduate, was awarded a New Zealand Scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in ‘the land of the long white cloud’. Read on to discover why he believes it has so much more to offer than just academic opportunities.


Studying in New Zealand is a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should have. In addition to what you might already know about its world-class education system, here are three takeaways from my experience of life there, and some of the reasons why New Zealand should be your number one study abroad destination.


1   Safety

Aside from being clean, green and friendly, as an island country, New Zealand is well-known for its strict biosecurity and safety checks. By safety, I refer not only to the state of not being harmed by other humans, but also not being attacked by animals. Believe it or not, New Zealand has no harmful animals like tigers, lions, crocodiles or venomous snakes or spiders. It is an absolute privilege to be in one of the world’s safest places and as an adventurous person, this favourable condition allows me to enjoy outdoor activities without limits.


2   Scenery

New Zealand contains an infinite number of spectacular views, of untouched nature and breath-taking scenery; from crystal clear, unpolluted lakes to subtropical green rainforests. Both islands offer many unbelievably beautiful spots to discover. Sometimes, it is hard to believe my own eyes that such places exist on our planet and as an enthusiastic outdoor photographer, no matter the season, New Zealand never disappoints me.


3   Sincerity

You may or may not know that New Zealand is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. This is reflected in what daily life is built upon – trust. I stayed in a flat with no locks on any of the bedroom doors. My flatmates and I trusted each other, a feature common to many of the apartments in the area where I was living. When we hopped on the bus in Christchurch, we paid for destination A. Even if we ended up getting off at destination B, no one would question us. Not because they were not aware of it, but because they trusted us. Being part of a system that sees trust as an underlying principle to everyday life, I have learned to trust others a lot more and to be a trusted citizen.

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