Over 1000 Attendees Took Part in ACE Charity Khmer New Year 2019

By I’mACE Team

On Sunday 7 April, ACE Charity Khmer New Year 2019 was held at the Australian Centre for Education (ACE) Tuol Tom Poung (TTP) campus. The event showcased an abundance of Khmer culture and traditions. It was organised by the IDP/ACE Social Committee and led by the ACE Student Ambassadors (ASAs) and ACE staff.

The event took up three floors of ACE TTP campus. In the morning, on the ground floor, Vol Chea Somealea, Director of Mealea Radio, delivered a motivational speech. This was followed by a traditional Khmer New Year Blessing Ceremony with 70 monks. Traditional num banh chok was served for lunch.



In the afternoon, entertainment and games took place on a stage. The first floor included a range of dance rooms, a yoga class, an art gallery, a display of traditional instruments and a display of costumes from five generations that attendees could wear, with photography also available. The second floor had food, drinks and desserts for sale, all to support charity.


The money raised from this event will be used to build toilets/wells in provincial public schools. Speaking on behalf of the IDP/ACE Social Committee, Ms Chendamony Chea said, “We are very pleased to celebrate Khmer New Year with an event that celebrates Khmer culture, while also having fun and helping the community to develop a stronger sense of social responsibility”.


This event focused on Cambodian culture and traditions, and therefore, provided a platform for Khmer culture to be celebrated, recognised and better understood. The event engaged ACE students and their families, ACE staff and the public. We hope that our event highlighted Cambodian cultural traditions that have been passed down from one generation to the next.


When one of the ASAs was asked about her experience at ACE Charity Khmer New Year 2019, she said, “It was a great experience that helped to raise funds for charity and support people in rural areas of Cambodia. The event came together nicely”.

Generous sponsors of the event included IDP Education (Cambodia), Monash University, Deakin College, Swinburne University of Technology, United Knowledge, Seng Hok Heng, Baby Care, Family Printing, Kim Decoration, Kam House, Click Printing, Kundalini Yoga Cambodia, Pakka and Khmerload.

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