Advice from Fulbright Alumni
By Boramey Sopha and Maneth Nay, Fulbright Alumni

We had two Fulbright Alumni present on their journey from applying for the Fulbright to finishing up their time in the US. Below we asked the alumni a couple questions on the application process and their experience studying and living in the U.S.

Boramey Sopha, Fulbright Scholar
M.Ed in Cultural and Educational Policy
Loyola University Chicago, Illinois, US

What are your Fulbright application tips?

The most important thing you need to figure out before moving forward is determining your field of interest. Once you have done that you need to check your eligibility and collect the required documents. Once this is finished, you can get to the online application and essay writing.

In regards to writing the scholarship essay, she gave a couple tips:

  1. Read instructions carefully to see what you are expected to address
  2. Write drafts and ask others to proofread and give feedback on your essays
  3. Revise as many times as possible
  4. Do not make up facts or achievement

What was your experience like studying abroad?

Studying abroad was a rewarding experience for me. However, it does not necessarily mean everything was a bed of roses during my time in the US. The experience was worth every challenge and difficulty I encountered. Not only have I had the opportunity to develop my knowledge, skills, and understanding, but also to strengthen other aspects of my personal and professional growth.  For instance, I have grown to become more open-minded, confident, and independent.

What advice do you have for students considering applying for a scholarship?

Always be prepared and attentive. This will help them stay on track of what is going on with the scholarship they have their eyes on as well as what they are expected to do. Never be afraid to ask for clarification from the person in charge of answering scholarship inquiries. The most important thing would be to have faith in themselves and do not give up after just one or two failed attempt(s). It is competitive out there; therefore, they shall be persistent and willing to put in a genuine effort.

Maneth Nay, Global UGRAD Program Alumni
International Relations, RUPP
Carroll College Helena, Montana, US

What is something that helped you prepare for your time in the US?

Believe it or not, I am also an alumnus of ACE. I graduated with my EAP 8 back in 2014. So, IDP Education does help me a lot in developing my English proficiency and familiarizing myself to a learning environment, where is not so much different from the US.

What was your experience like studying abroad?

There were so many things that I had learnt in one semester. My experience abroad included experiencing a different education system, meeting new people, being exposed to a new culture and the environment. Yet, it was not always easy. I experienced homesickness, stress, and having to adapt to a new environment. However, was I able to overcome these issues? Of course, YES! Not only I was able to overcome these issues, but the experiences I gained during the process of overcoming these issues have changed me in a positive way and allowed me to become a better and stronger person.

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