How to Fear Less
13 Feb 2019
How to Fear LessBy Mark Hedges, ACE TeacherAbout the Lectureship SeriesThe Lectureship Series provides a platform for formal lectures by professionals on a wide variety of subjects relevant to contemporary, local and international issues. The audience is typically ACE Pre-Departure Training (PDT) Program students, other ACE students and alumni, and study abroad alumni, among other interested parties.Lectureship Series presentations benefit the audience by being in English with a format to share information, think critically, have open discussions and ask questions. This enables the audience to engage, learn, and develop personally and Read more..
Jaya House – One Year Later
31 Jan 2019
Jaya House – One Year LaterBy Anna TorkkolaPhotographs by Pheakdey KhlokWhen walking into Jaya House River Park, one can’t help but notice the enthusiasm of the staff. This exquisite five-star hotel located on the banks of the Siem Reap River caters not only to affluent travellers, but to the whole Siem Reap community. This became clear immediately when I spoke to the owner, Christian De Boer. Christian is particularly well-known around town for his efforts to reduce our collective negative impact on the environment. He makes a point of encouraging his Read more..
ACE Teacher Speaks at Ignite Phnom Penh
23 Jan 2019
ACE Teacher Speaks at Ignite Phnom PenhBy Khema Vatey Soeun, ACE TeacherIgnite Talks is a public speaking platform where each presenter has 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds, accumulating to five minutes. It was started in 2006 by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis. Since the first event took place in Seattle, USA, Ignite has become an international phenomenon, with events organised in over 350 locations around the world from the UK to Germany, Finland, Egypt, India, China, Korea, Japan and Australia.Ignite was brought to Cambodia for the first time Read more..
Using Daily Entertainment to Improve Language Learning Habits
04 Jan 2019
Using Daily Entertainment to Improve Language Learning Habits By Lida Chea, ACE Teacher At each of the five campuses of the Australian Centre for Education (ACE), an English school that has been operating in Cambodia since 1992, workshops that target specific skills and present resources to support their language development are provided to students.Recently at ACE Tuol Kork campus, a workshop on technology was held for Young Learners’ (YL) Program students. The prevalence of smartphones and other technology is undeniable, especially among teenagers: this age group makes up the majority of YL Read more..
ACE Tuol Kork Campus Builds Teamwork
04 Jan 2019
ACE Tuol Kork Campus Builds TeamworkBy Reaksmeypich Khlaing, ACE TeacherScientifically, humans are social animals. This simply means that our survival instinct is based on our interactions with one another. For that reason, the Australian Centre for Education (ACE) ensures that its students absorb this social skill. As a centre specialising in English language training, ACE also ensures that its students learn various other skills while using the English language, including teamwork. These skills embody some of the core values of the education provided to students at ACE. Presentations of the final projectsAn Read more..
The Grammar Club’s First Anniversary at ACE Tuol Kork Campus
04 Jan 2019
The Grammar Club’s First Anniversary at ACE Tuol Kork CampusBy Lynin Thy, ACE TeacherAs a teacher at the Australian Centre for Education (ACE), an English school that has been operating in Cambodia since 1992, we work to supplement students’ learning outside the classroom through various programs. Since ACE’s Tuol Kork campus first opened in early 2018, the campus has been hosting student engagement programs to support students’ language development. The Grammar Club is one of those initiatives. Grammar Club Students participating in an activityAlthough grammar is often the most challenging aspect of Read more..
2018 Grand Final: Public Speaking & Debate Competition
02 Jan 2019
2018 Grand Final: Public Speaking & Debate CompetitionBy Sivutha Tan, ACE TeacherThe Australian Centre for Education (ACE) designs initiatives to foster a common understanding among students. One of these is the Public Speaking & Debate (PSD) Competition, which serves as one of ACE’s flagship events, providing students with extra-curricular opportunities.The competition is divided into four separate contests that are often hosted in conjunction with the end of an academic term. Four teams of outstanding debaters and four public speakers, as members of ACE’s Public Speaking & Debate Club, are chosen to compete in Read more..
How CamTESOL prepared me for other International Conferences
14 Dec 2018
How CamTESOL Prepared me for other International Conferences By Cheapanhasith Pel, ACE TeacherIn July 2018, I was invited for the first time to be a featured speaker on the international stage, at the 65th TEFLIN International Conference in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. My co-presenter, Ratana Chheang, and I came up with the topic Assessing Students through Maximising Their Involvement, in line with the conference theme of Sustainable Teacher Professional Development in English Language Education: Where Theory, Practice & Policy Meet. Our presentation sought primarily to enable participants to develop more authentic Read more..
A Field Trip to The Great Escape
11 Dec 2018
A Field Trip to The Great EscapeBy An Usa, ACE StudentOn the afternoon of Sunday 4 November, ACE Siem Reap students undertaking the Diploma Program’s Critical Thinking & Analysis Skills had a golden opportunity to pay a visit to ‘The Great Escape’. It was by far one of the best field trip experiences I have ever had. For those who don’t know, as the name implies, ‘The Great Escape’ is a real-life escape room game that is based on a popular puzzle game found on computers and mobile phones. The idea Read more..
International Experiences with CamTESOL: Why and How to Present at CamTESOL and Abroad
03 Dec 2018
International Experiences with CamTESOL: Why and How to Present at CamTESOL and AbroadBy Thanin Yous and Thanith VatCamTESOL is one of the largest regional and international conferences for teachers, educators and researchers in the field of English language teaching and education. It is a platform for professionals to meet and share their expertise and experiences in teaching with other local and international participants. CamTESOL develops teachers professionally, and builds a network among teachers and school administrators. In addition, the conference promotes the Cambodian culture to the world. CamTESOL, an initiative of Read more..