IDP Education (Cambodia) Launches a New Platform – Delight Customers

IDP Education (Cambodia) is a global leader in international education services. We help international students to study in English-speaking countries including Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. IDP Education has been established for over 50 years, and now has offices in 32 countries. It has been in operation in Cambodia since 1992.

On Wednesday 5 December 2018, IDP Education (Cambodia) hosted its Go-Live event, which launched Delight Customers in Cambodia. Delight allows for the use of world-class technology to support students on their international education journey. It is a leading platform and connected community for international students, counsellors and clients.

“The Delight Customers platform also allows us to enhance our services to our clients, ensuring their customer needs are met and even exceeded, and that their international education journey runs smoothly”, said Mao Sreng, Country Director, IDP Education (Cambodia).

A few words from the IDP Education (Cambodia) Country Director, Mr Mao Sreng

Five digital platforms within Delight were launched: the new, an event management tool called Cvent, a marketing platform called yMarketing, a customer relationship management system called C4C, and InContact, which supports direct communication with clients. These integrated systems will create an even smoother customer experience, creating the full Delight service.

Cheers to the Delight Customers Launch!

The launch was celebrated with remarks from Mao Sreng, Country Director, IDP Education (Cambodia), Guy Yimsomruay, Head of Operations, Thailand and Pam Sanboonsiri, Regional Contact Centre Manager, Thailand. Their remarks were followed by a video message from Andrew Barkla, CEO, IDP Education. In attendance were IDP Education (Cambodia) management and staff members, including study abroad counsellors.

Cake to celebrate the launching

“I am excited for the opportunities that the Delight Project (IDP's digital transformation) brings to Cambodia. For the first time, we are able to collect data from the different touch points of our customer journey, and use those data to provide better quality services to our customers”, said Guy Yimsomruay, Head of Operations, Thailand.

“I am so pleased to celebrate the launch of Delight in Cambodia. The new platform will streamline and support high quality customer service and contact with clients, continuing to ensure a positive customer experience”, said Pam Sanboonsiri, Regional Contact Centre Manager, Thailand.

Through Delight, IDP Education (Cambodia) is able to continue to provide top quality student placement services to its students, with an even more efficient and effective customer-centred approach.


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