CamTESOL Supports Teachers’ Professional Development

By I’mACE Team

CamTESOL seeks to support the professional development of ELT professionals through the conference itself, and also, by supporting past delegates to attend other international ELT conferences. Below you will read about the experiences of past CamTESOL delegates who presented at other international ELT conferences in 2018, and how CamTESOL helped prepare them to succeed.

Presenters Share their Experiences

I recently presented at JALT 2018 on critical pedagogy in ELT. Attending JALT as an international delegate, representing CamTESOL, was an unforgettable experience. I was fortunate to meet all the other international delegates to the conference, as well as ELT professionals from all over the world. I also presented at CamTESOL in 2018, which was exciting and rewarding. Presenting at CamTESOL gave me an opportunity to network with ELT professionals from around the world, and led directly to my JALT presentation. My experiences at CamTESOL and JALT have taught me a great deal about issues of diversity and inclusion faced by English learners and teachers in other countries. In addition, I have learned a lot from other ELT professionals at these conferences. My experiences at CamTESOL and JALT have enhanced my skills as an ELT professional.

-Nicky Henderson, Presenter at JALT 2018 (Japan Association for Language Teaching Conference)

Ms Nicky Henderson speaking at the 14th CamTESOL Conference 

CamTESOL and other conferences provide an opportunity for ELT professionals to share knowledge, network and develop professionally. My experience at JALT was rewarding, and I learned a lot from other presenters. I presented in an International Forum, where representatives from 11 different countries presented on the theme ‘Diversity and Inclusion’, and I also delivered a practice-oriented workshop. Presenting at CamTESOL helped me a lot to be ready to present on the international stage. These conferences have taught me to make the most of the experience and to attend sessions that interest me. I have also learned more about time management and the flow of my own presentations from other presenters, which has helped me feel more prepared and confident. Finally, I have learned not to worry about an audience that has more experience than I do, and to network, explore, and have fun!

-Puthykol Sengkeo, Presenter at JALT 2018 (Japan Association for Language Teaching Conference)



Ms Puthykol Sengkeo speaking at the 14th CamTESOL Conference 

I recently attended KoTESOL in Seoul, South Korea, where I presented on doing action research to improve pronunciation instruction. This was a positive experience from which I learned more about the TESOL field and had opportunities to meet teachers and researchers, much like I have done at CamTESOL. Attending these conferences has given me a platform to promote myself, helped me to improve my teaching, and increased my awareness of materials and research available to me.

-Robert Cunningham, Presenter at KoTESOL 2018 (Korean Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference)

In 2018 I was invited to present on the international stage, at the 65th TEFLIN International Conference in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Before I travelled to Indonesia, I had my first experience of presenting at an international conference at CamTESOL. I was nervous at the time, given that I had to present in front of international and local ELT professionals. However, I overcame my fear with thorough preparation, and later, this experience provided valuable insight for me to get ready for my TEFLIN presentation. Without it, I would not have had such success in Indonesia. Going to a conference abroad is an exhilarating experience. It was a special feeling to be addressed as a CamTESOL delegate and to share my experience of presenting at CamTESOL. These conferences have paved the way for my development and interest in particular areas of ELT, and have enabled me to immerse myself in teaching activities that I can use in my own classes.

-Cheapanhasith Pel, Presenter at TEFLIN (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia Conference)

I recently presented at TEFLIN, and had an opportunity to learn a lot from Indonesian and international presenters. I was honoured to represent CamTESOL as an international delegate. I also presented at CamTESOL in 2018, several months prior to TEFLIN. The experience I had at CamTESOL helped me to get ready for TEFLIN. CamTESOL is one of the largest ELT conferences in the world, and is highly recommended by educators in Cambodia and internationally. I have attended CamTESOL twice, which has greatly benefited my teaching career.

-Ratana Chheang, Presenter at TEFLIN (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia Conference)

This year CamTESOL is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The conference will be from 15-17 February 2019. If you would like to be a delegate and enjoy similar opportunities to those of our authors above, learn more and register for the 15th Annual CamTESOL Conference here:

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