Using Daily Entertainment to Improve Language Learning Habits

By Lida Chea, ACE Teacher 

At each of the five campuses of the Australian Centre for Education (ACE), an English school that has been operating in Cambodia since 1992, workshops that target specific skills and present resources to support their language development are provided to students.

Recently at ACE Tuol Kork campus, a workshop on technology was held for Young Learners’ (YL) Program students. The prevalence of smartphones and other technology is undeniable, especially among teenagers: this age group makes up the majority of YL Program students. Devices are like a double-edged sword, in that using technology for the wrong content might result in negative consequences, but technology also has its merits. Accordingly, with support from the ACE Tuol Kork campus team, I came up with the idea of facilitating a workshop to show students how they can use their devices to improve their English language learning habits.

Ms Lida Chea presenting at the workshop

The main purpose of the workshop was to raise awareness of the various ways in which electronic devices can be used to supplement students’ English learning, outside the classroom. A number of YL Program students attended and actively participated in the workshop.

Students sitting together at the workshop in the GILC

After I introduced a list of applications and websites that can be used for language learning purposes, most participants downloaded the applications and tried out some of the suggested applications and websites. ‘These gadgets allow us to access our learning anywhere and everywhere’, mentioned one participant. Students left with many language learning resources available at their fingertips.

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