ACE Tuol Kork Campus Builds Teamwork

By Reaksmeypich Khlaing, ACE Teacher

Scientifically, humans are social animals. This simply means that our survival instinct is based on our interactions with one another. For that reason, the Australian Centre for Education (ACE) ensures that its students absorb this social skill. As a centre specialising in English language training, ACE also ensures that its students learn various other skills while using the English language, including teamwork. These skills embody some of the core values of the education provided to students at ACE.

Presentations of the final projects

An inspiration of Chay Chakrayuth, a Young Learners’ (YL) Program student whose artwork is creative and innovative, brought about a project called Team Building Day. This was launched at ACE Tuol Kork campus to enable Children’s Program (CP) and YL Program students to use their English in context, while interacting socially, as well as to strengthen their ability to bring their imaginations to life.

Student's final team project

On Team Building Day, students learned how to make decisions as a team and to express themselves both academically and artistically, and were given the opportunity to showcase their talents and improve their concentration and patience while working with others. ACE advocates strongly for solidarity among its students and staff members, utilising its existing resources to improve the study and working environments at its 5 campuses (4 in Phnom Penh and 1 in Siem Reap).

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